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We provide a premium hot chocolate service, which is an excellent attention-grabbing marketing strategy for cold-weather events. All of our hot chocolate bars, bikes, and vans may be used to set up a hot chocolate station anywhere.

To make a rich, creamy beverage that your guests will enjoy, we melt full pieces of Belgian chocolate into milk. A customised and fully staffed hot chocolate station will warm up your visitors at all kinds of events and parties.

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We offer a premium hot chocolate service, the ideal attention-grabbing marketing strategy for events during the colder months. All our bars, bikes and vans can be used to set up a hot chocolate station wherever you need it. We use whole pieces of Belgian chocolate melted into milk to create a rich, creamy beverage your guests will love. Warm up your guests at weddings, events and parties with a personalised and fully manned hot chocolate station.

Our Available Units

Hot Chocolate Cart Hire - Events We Cater For

Our hot chocolate service, like all of our mobile bars, may be booked for any event, both corporate and private. Whether you’re celebrating in the workplace or need to bring something unique to a conference or exhibition to dazzle your audience, our corporate hot chocolate bar hire package will see our highly-trained team serving deluxe hot chocolate with all the toppings.

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Hot Chocolate Van Hire Options For You

We use only the finest ingredients in all our products. Choose from white, milk and dark chocolate, then top with whipped cream and marshmallows to create a drink suited to every taste.

Seasonal flavours we offer include:

  • Gingerbread
  • Winterspice
  • Butterscotch

In addition to these delicious and warming flavours, we also offer the best candy bar hire the UK has seen.

Milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate chips scattered around a hot chocolate menu

Branding Your Mobile Hot Chocolate Van, Bar or Bike

All our units are fully customisable for a unique experience every time. We are able to brand your van, bar or bike with your company logo or message to ensure it sticks in the mind of your customers. We are also able to personalise our units for your party or wedding to join in the celebrations and create a photo opportunity for you and your guests.

Our cups also come as a clean slate, giving you further opportunity to spread your message through your customers as they carry their drink with them.

Mobile Hot Chocolate Bar Sizes

Our units are completely portable and will fit into practically any accessible space. Our bars are ideal for show exhibits, and our bikes are small enough to fit into some elevators. We have a unit that will fit wherever you require excellent hot chocolate served.

For outside events, our machines use a single domestic plug connection, and our vans can run on a combination of batteries and onboard gas. Before booking, check out the characteristics of our mobile bars, vans, and bikes, or contact us to talk about what will work best for you.


Hugo Boss coffee cup with cream and marshmallows next to a box of raspberry, lemon and blackcurrant macarons and Turkish Delight

Professional & Dedicated Barista Team

When you hire our mobile hot chocolate service, we’ll also send an experienced barista staff to ensure excellent client service. Throughout your event, our team will handle the bar, enabling you or your team to focus on other tasks.

Our team is able to mix in seamlessly with yours, giving your firm a warm welcome. Our uniforms can also be customised to guarantee that your entire team represents your company and sends the same message to your guests.

Exhibition, Party & Wedding Hot Chocolate Bar Hire

We're offering our customers something extra.

Book a hot chocolate bar for your next event to warm up your guests this winter. We offer full custom branding across all our hot chocolate cups!

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    Hire Hot Chocolate For Your Event​

    We're offering our customers something extra.

    Book a hot chocolate bar for your next event to warm up your guests this winter. We offer full custom branding across all our hot chocolate cups!

    Let’s Talk Hot Chocolate!

    Hot Chocolate Bar Catering Near Me

    We have taken our mobile coffee vans, bars and bikes up and down the UK to serve freshly ground coffee at events like product launches, film sets and exhibitions.

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