Coffee Bike Hire

Our coffee bike has cycled across the UK and even to Europe, bringing freshly roasted coffee to guests at all kinds of events. 

From conferences to office treat days, we have provided a quality service to all our customers and their customers in turn. 

Want to book a coffee trike for your next event? 

Size and Space

Our coffee bike is highly portable and easily fits in at exhibition booth or in the corner of your office, allowing us to skilfully provide hot drinks without disrupting your daily activities.

We have two identical black dutch cargo bikes available, which you can use as is or detach the bike section to save room.

The dimensions of our units are:

220cm length x 90cm width

(With bike section removed, length is 145cm)

Branding Your Bike

Our coffee trikes come completely unbranded, making them a clean slate for you to put your name to. We offer up to three panel branding to suit the needs of your marketing campaign. If you would rather leave it blank, the quirky, interesting look of the bike by itself is still an attractive additive to your exhibition stall or shop floor.

We also offer extra branding opportunities, allowing you to personalise cups and uniforms of the baristas we provide. This helps them slot in as part of your team and provide a friendly, professional welcome to each of your customers or guests. We know that professionalism is paramount for businesses so we only provide the best, most high-quality branded equipment and staff for your event.

Our Barista Team

We are dedicated to customer service and believe our trained baristas showcase this in their work. Our baristas are fully trained and know just how to provide a friendly, welcoming service to every customer that visits our bikes.

With engaging service, our baristas help facilitate a relaxed environment which can help make networking easier for your team at important events and encourages a positive opinion of your brand in visitors’ minds.

An expert barista ready to make the best impression for your business

High Quality Equipment

Along with our premium coffee trike, we use the best equipment on the market to ensure your service is as professional as possible. From the best quality coffee beans to state of the art machines, everything we use is of the highest standard so you and your clients receive a first-class service.

Our Mobile Cafe Range

If you think a bike just isn’t going to do it for your next event, we also have mobile coffee vans and mobile coffee bars for your to choose from. Search our range of popup coffee options to find the perfect fit for your plans.

Book a Coffee Bike For Your Event

Take a coffee bike to your next event and command the room with outstanding service and great tasting coffee.

Our Bikes in Action

A Few Places We've Served Coffee

We have taken our mobile coffee vans, bars and bikes up and down the UK to serve freshly ground coffee at events like product launches, film sets and exhibitions.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd, no matter the occasion.