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Branding is an industry which changes and grows at break-neck speed. Because of this, PR experts are often looking to the future in an attempt to predict what's in store next. We decided that to really get an understanding of where branding is going, we needed to take a look at where it's been.

As a result, we gathered this research which details the entire history of branding, from Stone Age markings to corporate twitter take-downs, to see what branding has evolved into since its inception. Using this information, PR pros might have a clearer understanding of brand marketing’s trajectory and how branding will best be used in the future.

In a new era of fake news and privacy paranoia, brands need to look to the past and remember that consumer trust is the most vital attribute for sustainability and that honest marketing is the best strategy.

Take a look through the history of branding for more details on everything from Xenophon of Athens to Kim K.

Branding Through Time In ancient times, brands were originally marks denoting ownership, craftsmanship and origin, such as the physical branding of cattle or trade seals stamped onto mass-produced textiles. Since then, branding has taken on the form of the specific characterisation of a company and how it is perceived and interacted with by its customers. Taking inspiration from its roots, modern-day branding professionals should take ownership of every aspect of their company’s business to ensure a well-rounded and consistent message throughout all their interactions. While social media and influencer marketing is now the norm in PR and marketing, branding at its heart stems from originality, craftsmanship and quality, meaning that your brand can only really be successful if it’s able to deliver on the image presented by online personalities.

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